> Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Item #5357 & 5358

Two (2) Used Langbein Engelbracht/TANN Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). 

5,000 scfm capacity.  TANN Model TR595.  TANN Serial # 1035-08. 

Manufactured in 2008 and treated emissions at a solar cell plant. 

Two-can design with random-pack ceramic media and

pneumatic valves.  Used for less than one year.   In excellent condition

internally and externally.


Unit includes the following:

Maximum design flow- 5,000 scfm @ up to TBD deg F process temp         

95% effective heat exchanger (ceramic media in two chambers)

Pneumatic valves (horizontal) for flow direction changes through media

Main exhaust fan with 40 hp TEFC motor & Allen Bradley Powerflex

Variable frequency drive

Insulated poppet valves, fan and stack base

Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC with Allen Bradley Panelview+ 700 interface

Combustion blower with 3.0 hp TEFC motor and inlet silencer

Fresh air damper with pneumatic actuator

Isolation damper with pneumatic actuator

Eclipse Therm-jet burner

Exhaust stack (20 feet from grade, mild steel, 22” internal diameter)

Yokogawa 6-pen chart recorder with digital readout

Complete owner's manual with electrical and mechanical drawings.



Not Included:

Process isolation damper(s), fan balancing, painting, shipping, installation, permitting or other items or services not listed in this quote.



Weight:  Approx. 40,000 lbs (including ceramic media)

Dimensions:  Approx.  23’ long, 12’ wide, 17’ tall (excluding stack)

Electrical Requirements: 460/3/60 at 37 FLA

Gas requirements:  1,000 scfh max @ 5 psig (1” NPT inlet)

Compressed Air requirements: 20 cfh @ 80-100 psi; -40F dew point, .75” NPT




If purchased refurbished, we will refer you to a qualified company to perform  the following work and they will warranty 95% VOC destruction

for 90 days from start-up or until the first stack test, whichever comes sooner.


Flow Control Valve/Pneumatic System:

Test pneumatic valves and repair/replace as necessary

Leak test pneumatic supply lines, solenoids & air cylinders: repair as necessary


Gas Train/Burner System:

Test components in gas train and repair/replace as necessary

Test UV scanner, repair/replace as necessary

Clean or replace burner sightports

Test ignition transformers and spark igniters and replace as necessary



Bench test main motor and replace bearings as necessary

Bench test combustion blower motor and replace bearings as necessary

Bench test main fan shaft bearings and replace as necessary

Install new fan belts

Test all actuators, regulators, pressure switches, etc. and replace as necessary

Many other fixes that arise through the act of refurbishment