25"W x 20"H x 20"L Blue M IGF-7780 Inert Gas Cabinet Oven, 1100°F

25"W x 20"H x 20"L Blue M IGF-7780 Inert Gas Cabinet Oven, 1100°F

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Single door with 2 cam action positive seal latches. Silicon rubber door gasket. Stainless steel interior with 8 shelf brackets on 2" centers, 1 tray is supplied. Coiled style heating elements and circulating fan are located under the floor pan. Heated air is circulated horizontally across the chamber. Inert gas inlet is located at the blower shaft to ensure proper mixing and eliminate air being drawn into the chamber. Cooling blower is mounted under the chamber and blows air around the inner chamber for rapid cooling without loss of atmosphere.

Controls are mounted and wired in a convenient slide out console located directly under the work chamber. There is a Athena digital temperature controller and a Partlow/Blue M high limit. A control power switch and process indicating lights are flush mounted to the front panel. Two flow meters, one for the oven chamber and one for the door "throat" opening. Chamber maintains a positive pressure to eliminate oxidation. Chamber pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. A fused disconnect switch is mounted on the left-hand side. Additional digital temperature controller to verify chamber temperature.


ManufacturerBlue M
Serial NumberIGF-373
Stock Number7419
Work area25"W x 20"H x 20"L
Max temperature1100°F
Voltage208-240V-3-60-29/33 Amps
External dimensions54"W x 72"H x 40"L