21"W x 38"H x 20"L Blue M DCC-336F Inert Gas Clean Room Cabinet Oven, 500°F, Electric

21"W x 38"H x 20"L Blue M DCC-336F Inert Gas Clean Room Cabinet Oven, 500°F, Electric

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Mechanical convection clean room oven. Single door with 2-point cam action positive seal latch. Removable one-piece stainless-steel interior allows easy cleaning. A removable HEPA filter is located on the right-hand side wall. Heavy gauge coiled style heating elements and direct drive circulating fan are located under the work area. Inert gas is introduced at the blower shaft seal reducing the possibility for air being drawn into the chamber. Heated air and atmosphere are continuously re-circulated and re-filtered n a horizontal pattern across the work area for good uniform heating. No use of clean room air. Stainless cooling coil located under the floor pan speeds down cooling without risk of contamination.

Controls are mounted in a convenient slide out console located directly under the work chamber. Blue M "Protronic" digital temperature controller and United Electric non indicating high limit safety are flush mounted in the face of the console. Circuit breaker disconnect switch is mounted on the front panel. Adjustable flow meter for inert gas purge is mounted on the front of the oven. The purge helps to eliminate moisture and vent out contaminants.


ManufacturerBlue M
Serial NumberDCC-267
Stock Number7578
Work area21"W x 38"H x 20"L
Max temperature250°C / 482°F
Voltage208/240/3/60/21/25 Amps
External dimensions40" wide x 36" deep x 76" high