Grieve HX-500

Grieve HX-500

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Double doors with "Brixon" spring tension pressure relief latches and a woven fiberglass gasket for a good door seal. Stainless steel interior with 7 shelf brackets, 1 shelf is supplied with the oven. Coiled style heating elements and direct driven circulating fan are located under the work area. Heated air is circulated in a horizontal pattern across the chamber for good uniform heating. A powered exhaust fan is mounted on top of the oven. ** Rate for use with some solvents (.06 g.p.h. Alcohol @ 350 F.) *** This oven has been tested and is ready for immediate shipment.


Serial Number490156 (1995)
Stock Number7584
Work area38"W x 26"H x 20"L
Max temperature500°F
Voltage460/3/60/12 kW
External dimensions64" wide x 34" deep x 77" high to top of exhaust fan
ControlsControls are mounted in an enclosure attached to the right hand side of the oven. There i aHoneywell UDC 2000 digital temperature controller and a Honeywell UDC 2000 high limit. Start /Stop push button control switches with indicating lights for the exhaust fan and circulating fan, an off/ on selector switch with indicating light for the heat and a purge complete light are flush mounted inthe enclosure. Control and high limit contactors, motor starters, fuses, relays, purge timer etc. aremounted inside the enclosure.