18"W x 5"H x 10'L Despatch Conveyor Oven, Electric, 500°F

18"W x 5"H x 10'L Despatch Conveyor Oven, Electric, 500°F

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Variable speed flat wire conveyor belt with 1" x 1" openings. The belt drive has a DC motor / speed reducer combination with speed control potentiometer and digital speed readout. There is a 24" long load table at the entrance and a 24" long unload table. Aluminized steel interior with an access door on the side. Coiled style heating elements are located above the work chamber. Circulating fan is mounted through the roof. Heated air is circulated in a "top - down" airflow pattern through adjustable louvered air ducts and down through the belt for good uniform heating. A powered exhaust fan is mounted on top of the oven. Electrical drawings are included with this oven.

Controls are located in an enclosure attached to the side of the oven. There is an SSi digital temperature controller, a Shimaden digital high limit, a Partlow MRC 7000 round chart temperature recorder and a Red Lion belt speed indicator flush mounted in the door of the enclosure. Control switches with indicating lights are also flush mounted in the enclosure door. The enclosure also has a flange mounted fused disconnect handle. Solid state relays, high limit contactor, motor starters, fuses, Extron Series 100 DC motor control etc. are mounted inside the enclosure.


ModelSpecial PCC
Serial Number156688-L
Stock Number7428
Work area18"W x 5"H x 10'L
Max temperature500°F
Voltage480V/3 Phase/60 Cycles/12 kW/21 F.L.A.
External dimensions58"W x 7'1"H x 14'4"L