3000 CFH Lindberg Endothermic Gas Generator


3000 CFH Lindberg Endothermic Gas Generator


Gas heated 2 retort generator. Refractory lined shell with vertically mounted retorts. Total of 5 Eclipse "Thermjet" spark ignited burners with UV scanner are mounted through the side of the refractory lined chamber for good uniform heating of the alloy retorts. The natural gas and air pass through a Waukee "mixor" valve then into the Waukee gas pump. Mixed gas enters the bottom of the retorts. The gas travels through the catalyst filled heated retorts and exits at the top. The exiting Endothermic gas passes through air cooled heat exchangers with cooling fans then through the Endothermic flow meters. Any excess exiting gas is burned off in flame rod monitored burn off cans.

Controls consist of Honeywell UDC 3300 digital temperature controller, Honeywell UDC 2000 high limit and Honeywell UDC 5000 Dewpoint control along with all control switches and indicating lights are flush mounted in the control enclosure. Protection Controls 5 burner flame safety relay monitors all 5 burners. Two Honeywell flame safety relays monitor the 2 burn-off cans. Motor starters, fuses, timers, relays etc. are mounted inside the enclosure. Five (5) Waukee flow meters with pressure gauges are mounted to the front panel. 0-750 process gas, 0-100 addition gas, 0-2000 process air and (2) 0-2000 endothermic gas. Furnace Control Carbon probe.


Serial Number999183 (2000)
Stock Number7120
Work area3000 CFH
HeatedNatural Gas - 1160 CFH
Max temperature1900°F
External dimensions6' 3" wide x 10' 9" long x 10' 5" high.