Continental 40"W Stainless Steel Belt Washer


Continental 40"W Stainless Steel Belt Washer


Tank and Housing Stainless

Immersion Tubes Stainless

Washer Structure Frame Carbon Steel

Pumps Stages 1&2 Cast Iron

Pump Stage 3 Stainless

Piping interior and exterior Stainless

Conveyor Tracks Stainless

Conveyor Chain & Fixtures Stainless

Conveyor Sprockets Drive Shafts Stainless

Oil Skimmer Stainless

Stage 1 Eclipse Immersion Gas Burner 830K BTU

Rinse 2 Eclipse Immersion Gas Burner 550K BTU

Dry Off Eclipse Gas Burner 1.2 MBTU 12,000CFM

Oil Coalescer

Drain Pump

Bag Filters

Wash 1 Tank Capacity 765-GAL, 20 HP Pump 280 GPM 40PSI.

Rinse 1 Tank Capacity 460-GAL, 10 HP Pump 160 GPM 40PSI

Rinse 2 Tank Capacity 510-GAL, 15 HP Pump 160GPM 40PSI

Blow Off Ambient 10 HP @ 1500 CFM

Dry Off 10HP @ 12,000CFM 300 Deg. F.

Washer Sequence:

3'L Load End

2'6"L Entrance Vestibule

3'L Heated Wash

3'6"L Drain

2'L Ambient Rinse

3'6"L Drain

2'L Heated Rinse

3'L Drain

2'6"L Drain w/Blow-Off

9'L Heated Dry-Off

2'L Cooling

2'L Unload

Allen Bradley SLC5/05 w/PanelView Plus 700 HMI Touchscreen, Allen Bradley VFD's, Honeywell Flame Safeties etc.


ModelStainless Steel Conveyor Washer
Serial NumberPW08-FB0852
Stock Number7648
Work area40"W
HeatedNatural Gas - 2580 CFH Total
Max temperature160°F/150°F/300°F (W/R/Dry-Off)
Voltage480/3/60/100 FLA
External dimensions10'W x 11'H x 38' L - Approx.