20"W x 9" High x 15' Long, Wisconsin Belt Conveyor Oven, Electric, 850-F

20"W x 9" High x 15' Long, Wisconsin Belt Conveyor Oven, Electric, 850-F

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Continuous variable speed (6-12 IN/MIN) conveyor oven with a 1/2" x 1/2" flat wire belt. Oven has a 24" long load section and 36" long unload section. The 7.5 HP/7000 CFM top mounted circulating fan (removed for shipping) and heating elements are located in a separated plenum above the belt. Heated air is circulated in a top - down pattern over the conveyor belt. Electrical drawings and manual are included with the oven. Temperature uniformity is +/- 10°F per drawing below.

Controls are located in an "NEMA 12" rated enclosure with fused disconnect attached to the side of the oven. Honeywell UDC digital temperature control and Watlow "Limit SD" digital high limit. Control switches with indicating lights for the circulating fan, conveyor belt, etc. are flush mounted to the enclosure door. Motor starters, fuses, relays, Watlow "Din-a-mite" SSR's etc. mounted inside the enclosure. Attached to the side includes an AC Tech "MC Series" conveyor speed controller.


ManufacturerWisconsin Oven Corporation
ModelTop Flow/E8.5
Serial Number02288A1008
Stock Number7747
Work Area20"W x 9"H x 15'L
HeatedElectric - 72 kW
Max. Temperature850°F
Voltage480/3/60/72 kW/100 FLA
External Dimensions72" wide x 114" high x 22' long (96"H shipping)