Blue M DCC-1406G

Blue M DCC-1406G

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Double doors with 2 point cam action positive seal latch and silicone rubber gasket. Stainless steel interior and exterior with 5 shelf brackets on 6" centers, no shelves are supplied with the oven. A HEPA filter is installed in the right side wall and removes contaminants in the air flow. Coiled style heating elements and direct drive circulating fan are located under the floor. Heated air is circulated in a horizontal pattern across the chamber. A finned cooling coil is also located under the floor to provide more rapid cooling if required. A chamber vent port 1/2" NPT located on top of the oven to vent out moisture and contaminants while Nitrogen gas is introduced into the chamber.


ManufacturerBlue M
Serial NumberU24H-392626-VH
Stock Number7590
Work area43"W x 36"H x 24"L
Max temperature250 C / 482 F
Voltage480/3/60/24 kW
External dimensions68" wide x 40" deep x 79" high on casters.
ControlsControls are located in a slide out console located directly under the work chamber. A new Watlowtemperature controller, a Partlow non indicating high limit control and chamber power control switchwith indicating light are flush mounted in the face of the console. A circuit breaker disconnect switchis mounted on the front panel - right side. A flow meter for Nitrogen atmosphere is located on thefront panel - left side. A separate toggle switch for the cooling activates the solenoid to allow waterto flow through the cooling coil. A Partlow round chart recorder is attached to the right hand side.